Index of poems by Roy Carnon

A Peopled Solitude: A book of poems by Roy Carnon
"A Peopled Solitude"  A book of poems by Roy Carnon

Roy Carnon wrote a number of poems, of which a selection of 48 are listed below. Click on specific titles to see the text. To minimise the number of web pages and make them easier to access and read, I have puts several poems on each numbered web page.

The booklet above was published by Xposetz Ltd (Publishing Dept), at Roy's home address, in 1990.

This page needs your help. If you know anything about the circumstances or background behind any of these poems please tell me by email and I will add your comment.

1. Hijack, The Last Friend, Deflection

2. Inadmissible evidence, The Harlots' Call, Wounded, To Edward Thomas

3. Isleworth, The Pm Factor, Portrait for Sarah, Landscape

4. Flying Boats at Oban, Hesitant Hands, Spectre, Sunday

5. To MarianQuestions, The Local

6. OrionAstro WarIn this RoomOrientation

7. CommercialTodayDrawings by Georges de FeureNan Tuck's Lane

8. PuritansClash of BellsAlone,  ForgottenThe Sky is Serious

9. DuelLate SummerOld-PastureSupersonicOil Rich

10. Evening GardenOmenThe RulerLiterate Oak

11. AftermathRecognitionSummerdazeSo Simple

12. FebruaryFilm SetSquares of MarchCows

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