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Poem: "Aftermath" by Roy Carnon

Keep warm the bone --
the sting of flesh pulls taut
the outer chill of skin
Sick-sweet music slurs
earthbound. With the rustle of indolence
dank jungle kills.

Thousands on thousands of peasants died,
generations of bone
trapped in this fecal web of soil
stenched in alien blood.
Under gangling palms
the foreign effluence
drains thinly into history.

Haunched in spasm
the old man squats,
eyes reflect mourning --
say nothing.


Poem: "Recognition" by Roy Carnon

If I could pare the callous of self deception
exposing the nerves command of ultimate sky
I would know you.
You -- who in intimate isolation of the summer field blued a simple shadow
latent in morning -- pregnant with flower.


Poem: "Summerdaze" by Roy Carnon

At dawn's overwhelming --
the hushed vibrancy
opens a cleavage of petals.
A new delight will graze the shadows
of the thrush's dapple --
chilling the maimed remaining worm.

Skeletal shadows loiter
under drained disheveled trees
or head high through the heaving field
pry into soft folds
to sleep with slaked roots of earth.

A flowing of the sun's caress
warms evening's cast,
the mown pattern of grass is enjoined,
stilled air lightly breathing
lifts the weightless sky
where a feint clock of stars
ticks --
impatient for the night.


Poem: "So Simple"

I wanted only years
when I was young,
and bold experience.
In age my only need is love,
it is so simple.
But mostly,
I'm neither young nor old.


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