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Poem: "February" by Roy Carnon

Dejection penetrates this slot of sky
to lick distorted panes wet in half-light
lambent on the witching floor
that never courted spring.
Why screw this blue so dark
against the slate of sight?

Pause in the interval of dream in dream
to remember snowdrops
mourning sun-lacquered white
on white of snow drained bloodless --
white under a thawing spittle
of wrinkled scum.


Poem: "Film Set" by Roy Carnon

Armour of dreams
clads exuberant facades
and end titles.
I will never know
if this underwriting of enchantment
was an end of the beginning
or if the present flash-back
discerned the condescension accorded
(under duress) by the past.

Sediment of flesh
settles on constricted interiors
clothing the iron essence
endemic in bone
while insane disassociation
reigns outright.


Poem: "Squares of March" by Roy Carnon

Ever green
the bright squares of March matinees
requiring the sun's flux on brackish earth.
Wind has swept the catwalks
to bare trees of leaf generations
and embarrass elders in private light.

One a house in a mouldering white
square on vivid lawn
racked behind iron boles of butchered planes
simplified with the child'd paint
beyond recognition.

One in strange trespass of time's inheritance
sought horse and carriage
in an acre of dream,
basking in the sun feast
to listen and wait ....

And ever the sky's intensity
flowed blue and bloody into wounded shadows
to frame a square of blast black in bomb
and compress into the density of loss
a green moment for ever.


Poem: "Cows" by Roy Carnon

Distant lavender cools
your hot behaviour.
Rasped lick of tongues
salts immediate enclosing sweat
reeking through new barbed wire
and flys.
Proximity exhales
transport of desires
nostalgic on grass --
torn abstract patterns
delight in black and white.


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