7 Commercial, Today, Drawings by Georges de Feure, Nan Tuck's Lane: poems by Roy Carnon

Poem: "Commercial" by Roy Carnon

All direction meet in you --
reflecting dimensions
enshrine transparent images
in stars.
Show your face
in tension balanced
both sweet and mirror-imaged,
fair distorted
in sections round
on narrow drawn, imprinted
on a prison
or desirable residence.

Hold the spectrum of your song
dancing to the sun's high ;light
from your detergent origin.


Poem: "Today," by Roy Carnon

Today we put forward the clock
and into narrow lives have would
an even shorter morning.
God knows we needed that hour,
now it has passed
into the red end of the spectrum.

We have tamed the evening
in a precise cage
and a cassette of birdsong
rouses the earth --
it's time for sowing
the last drug of the brain.

There's a strange forecast
and the sky's eyes cloud
while arrogance clothing for ourselves.


Poem "Drawings by Georges de Feure" by Roy Carnon

A sophism of seductive line
sutures bushed lips
redolent of evil --
forbidden emulsion
of convoluted ecstasy
and sin's sensuous cavort
into joy.

You silk ululation
traps hard the urgent sting
sinister lured by fugitive scent
to acrid sweetness.

Wikipedia information about Georges de Feure 1868 - 1943


Poem: "Nan Tuck's Lane" by Roy Carnon

The new moon
older by a memory
threw this sinuous line
down and round
Poundsley way.

Following feet
that trod the centuries
across the weald -
deepening contoured tracks

The way imprinted
to Hadlow, Framfield, Buxted, -
on to Blackboys,
cruciform meeting, pointing
the fingerpost to death.

Following feet -
feet following yours
crushed harsh in grass;
tearing the flowers womb -
raped petals laid
cold on the lane.

Congealing tar
concealing blood,
the shape of your agony
lays still
on bruised grass
on earth maimed by your fall.
Tear-blurred, memory retreats
beneath track-patterned clay
but a Sussex lane

Read the story of the murder in Mrs Nan Tuck here: https://www.satsig.net/roy-carnon/nan-tucks-lane-poem.htm

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