6 Orion, Astro War, In This Room, Orientation: poems by Roy Carnon

Poem: "Orion" by Roy Carnon

How quiet you are tonight Orion
how old your hanging light
straddling the garden of our lost millennia.
And I can say Aldebaran bore me
rapt in arctic white
and fiercer Sirius
caged in the sextant's bubble
suffered my craft
frail in his tropic eye.

And I am quiet tonight Orion
for I am old
and join the chorus the silent symphony
that with your ancient light does
blind in sun-birth.


Poem: "Astro War" by Roy Carnon

I watched the slow rolled dice of Pegasus
cast a winged ingratitude
where skylane cuts a graticule of sea
to lay the white of sun and loss.

Old men and calculating telescopes
resurrect lost gods
in two dimensioned planispheres
shared with enemies
through sights of hate.


Poem: "In this Room" by Roy Carnon

In this room
fantasy patterns of childhood
frenzied the walls
and I counted the paper roses of youth.
Here my Mother's slippered love
padded the stair
to smooth my heart
creased with lying.
From the bowl of birth
I tasted death --
counting the careful years
pulsing through the blue window.

And in the teasing sky
I have outpaced the clouds
to the impossible star;
I have followed the sun
and my shadow has travelled the earth
leaving but the dust of a dream
and a little less light.


Poem: "Orientation" by Roy Carnon

Rising green
grass colonises
suckling predator and weed
to breed a ruminant strain
of jackal.

Winter brings relief
but in the vegetal kingdom
the continuity is accepted.

Moon understands the need
of original fetus
to root in sin's inception --
the pre-set balance
ordained in invariable seed.


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