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This is a non-commercial web site dedicated to the memory of my uncle, Roy Carnon, artist, 1911 - 2002.


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Web site information

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Downloads of many files using web site copier software such as HTrack, Wget, WebStripper etc is considered abuse, will be treated at a DOS attack as it overloads our server. High frequency repetitive downloading of the same page will be treated similarly.

Copyright of images

This web site contains historical information about my uncle, Roy Carnon's life and times plus many small low quality images of his artistic works. Higher quality images are provided where I hold the copyright.  The copyright of the original artworks lies either with the present owners or, in the case of commercial and film related work, with the relevant companies that Roy was contracted to work for.

If any copyright holder objects to the inclusion of any particular thumbnail image(s) please let me know and I will delete them, if requested.

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Trademarks, service and product names and logos of Satellite Signals Limited used in the website are the property of Satellite Signals Limited. 

If you have a web site or blog then relevant links to pages in this web site are welcome without prior approval. Please do not create tens, hundreds or thousands of links to this web site from pornograpic or link spam web sites for negative SEO purposes.

Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) update May 2018.

On 25th May 2018 new EU general Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect. This section explains what it means for you.

We collect data when you access a web page.  The information comprises the date, time and your IP address and, possibly, details of the browser (e.g. Chrome) that you are using.  Additionally, if you visited this site via a search engine or from another site link, then the url of the referring site may also be recorded. This is the only date we record. Server logs may be retained for up to seven years.

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You have the right to ask us to delete your data. If you want this you will need to tell us what was the IP address used and when when it was used to access the site. We will normally comply with your request and delete the relevant log file data.  If the IP is used for hacking, web stripper, email harvesting, vulnerability or port scanning, virus, malwarebot, of any other type of web site abuse we may retain the IP address to block future access attempts from that IP address.

Privacy statement

Like most informational web sites, this web site is freely open to the public, to read and look at the content.

Following Google recommendations, and for no other reason at all, since 21 March 2020, my web server for has been configured to send out web pages and images in encrypted form, using https.  The cipher suites used to do the encryption provide a degree of security which will help stop anyone from interfering with the web page content in transit (called man-in-the-middle attack) and showing you something different to what the server has sent to you.  None of the content is in any way intended to be secret.  I don't ask you for your name, password etc.  People may hopefully come to this website and all are welcome to read the content.  People who can't come and read are those dropped by firewall IP blocks (mainly due to past propensity to spamming or hacking activity) and, unfortunately, those whose browser, device, PC or software version is so old that their devices do not respond to the modern cipher suites that I have configured.  It is believed that at least 83% of potential visitors can get in.

For emails directed to me, everything you type in and images may be encoded in such simple and well known codes (UTF-8, ASCII, Unicode, JPG, GIF, zip etc) that they can be regarded as in the clear, with no privacy.  This applies to emails you send or receive from me, all of which, both sent and received, may be intercepted and stored in information retrieval systems for subsequent intelligence analysis. I have been told (August 2013) that the following internet companies are making all correspondence and personal data available for harvesting by the US National Security Agency: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype (Microsoft), YouTube, Apple and other ISPs.

The internet is not a secure environment and the traffic to and from this website transits many countries and places where it is inevitable that data and meta-data may be intercepted.

Our server has a log of accesses and this is analysed from time to time and we take an interest in what is going on to try and make sure it is working properly and to identify errors and abuse. If your equipments send abnormal access attempts (e.g. nimbda virus, port scans, hacking attempts) to the site we may investigate, via your internet service provider if necessary, to get the access stopped if it is a problem.  Computers at IP addresses sending multiple requests using web copier software or other abusive behaviour may be blocked without warning.

If you send us emails contributing content for the website please say clearly if your text and images may be added (i.e. published) to the website. Such contributions remain the sole responsibility of the sender. This applies also to any contributions made via Social Media Icons.

Roy Carnon Artist Forum

There is, at the present time, no interactive Roy Carnon Artist forum associated with this site. If this happens it will require your login details etc and this page will be updated to incorporate more details about Cookies, privacy of your personal Username, Displayed name and password. Meanwhile, if you want to submit text or image content to be included, please sent to me by email.

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