Spiral gallery pictures

by Roy Carnon

Spirals by Roy Carnon
sp-1 Spirals
Print: Aries descent over Clavius
sp-2 Print: Aries Pod descent
over Clavius Film: 2001
Small board: Spare parts for the Jedi
sp-3 Small board: Spare parts for
the Jedi Based on Star Wars
Multi coloured, pink, dark, figure
sp-4 Multi coloured, pink figure
Film set: Wall decoration picture
Small sketch on card Android
sp-5 Small sketch Android ?
Based on Star Wars
Aries over Saturn
sp-6 The Aries Pod over Saturn
1966 Film: 2001
Discovery over Saturn
sp-6a Discovery over Saturn
(V&A) Film: 2001
Acrylic polygons on card
sp-7 Acrylic polygons on card
French HQ
sp-8 French HQ
Film: Reds
Shackleton aircraft over Arctic
sp-9 Shackleton over Arctic
Illustrated London News ?

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